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Given the 10 minute format of today's event and my verbose penchant for detail,  I've included some basic resources here to save time and paper. 

If there are any specific followups from our discussion, I'll add them here or followup with an email. 

If you have any feedback, advice, or anything else, I'd love to here your thoughts. 

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  • Popup Pitch is an online video pitch through Propelify. 

  • Phil works directly with Gary Vaynerchuk

  • Explains concept of floating, business plan/unit economics, touches on technology, Q+A included at end. 

  • They expressed interest with traction + opening date. 

  • Traction suggestion was a waitlist / pre-sold memberships.

  • We now have a waitlist of 100+ with no advertisement.


(START AT 17:55)



  • The initial idea was for training surfers, so the application focusses on that embodiment, but the concept and technology can be utilized for breath training outside the context of wave-riding.

  • I am aware that my technical inclination / understanding is not evident from my background... I did work with and learn a lot from an experienced attorney, but I drafted the majority of the language and initial drawings in this document. 

  • I filed this application prior to the public release of artificial wave technology which is now re-shaping the surf world. 


(Note Kelly's breathing pattern.)



Float industry-Exclusive white label partnership with cortisol testing lab.

  • Monthly quantification of stress hormone Cortisol
  • Test by mail is in Beta as of April
  • CLIA and HIPAA Compliant

People you may know who know a bit more about me:

  • Hal Ornstein - Investor/Advisor / TechLaunch Bull Pen panelist
  • Bret Morgan-  Asbury local familiar with my previous business / made introduction to Hal 
  • Aaron Price - NJ Tech/Propelify member since 2012.  Won pitch of at NJ Tech Sept. '17
  • Bernie Leone- guidance and refinement of financial model / advice on deal structure
  • Dave Sorin - Gave preliminary guidance on patent process/ had a few casual discussion on this business model