"30/60 /90"  INTRO PACKAGE

Information, Orientation and Exploration

in two 90-Minute sessions



It is incredibly common to have a ton of questions prior to an initial float.  We've designed a comprehensive information session that answers the majority of first timer's questions in a fun and relaxing information session with time built in for any extra questions you may have.

Immediately following the session, you'll do a 60 minute orientation float. Your first time in a float tank should be a unique, fun experience.  It's helpful to set your expectations for your first float as an orientation to simply get familiar with the the tank, and the unique sensation of floating on the solution and figuring out how to get settled in so you can really start to relax. 

The orientation float is followed by a debrief to answer any questions you may have about your initial impressions and experience and to schedule your first full 90 minute float before you leave.  



When you come in for your second session, you'll know the drill.  You'll have the basics down and be ready to settle into a deeper state of relaxation and start to become more aware that the more you float, the better it gets.

On your way out, you'll have an opportunity to sign up for more floats at a discounted rate if you decide it's something you'd like to explore further. 


Session 3

The third float is when most people start to really understand that there is something special about floating that will take a lifetime to explore.