Gil Olsen

"If I had to choose between surfing and floating for the rest of my life, I'd pick floating."

Gil's background is in character development, science education, and business. He scaled Summertime Surf to a team of 83 people across multiple locations.

He realized a connection between surfing and mindfulness in 2013 after taking a free-diving course offered by a meditation teacher in Bali. 

More recently, he's discovered that floating is the most effective path of entry to expose people to the "profound sense of equanimity" that meditation and the skill of mindfulness can provide.  

Clean Slate exists to pass this practice along to others, and to compliment it with biometrics and guided meditations at digital scale.

He has no plans to quit surfing...but he DOES have plans (in motion) to incorporate diving and surfing into full-spectrum mindfulness training facilities.




If you are familiar with Summertime Surf, or active in the technology scene, you may recognize some names and faces of our core team and strategic partners. We will be revealing our core team of 5 upon opening in early 2018.  

If the info on this site excites you, or better yet, makes you curious... reach out and see how you can be involved.  


We have been fortunate to have a network of private advisors in wellness, float center construction, real estate, finance and technology to get us to where we are. 



We would like to acknowledge you as the thought leaders and experts who have shaped our thinking, model and processes via your work.  In addition to publicly expressing our gratitude for your work and its impact on ours, we would like to invite you to become involved in our mission however your time and inclination allows.    



"...It's almost absurd. Except it may actually work."

Chade was an engineer and early employee at Google that used his 20% time to create "Search Inside Yourself"- a mindfulness training program to teach meditation and create world peace. His style is disarming and his book is accessible. The quote above is pulled from the following excerpt, and it's so important to what we're doing, we're compelled to highlight it here twice. 

"We can train and develop the mind to create inner peace, happiness and compassion. Hence in a serious way that is almost comical, the key active ingredient in the formula for world peace may be something as simple as meditation. It's such a simple solution to an intractable problem, it is almost absurd. Except it may actually work." 

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"It's like meditation on steroids". 

These five words are the seed of Clean Slate. The most common denominator of the high-performance guests on Tim's podcast is the habit of meditation. Gil heard floating described on one episode, tried it the next day, and here we are. 

In addition, Tim's promotion of stoic philosophy, deliberate living, self experimentation, and passion for lifelong learning (and meta-learning) have been massive influences on our thinking and approach.       


Sam Harris

"Our minds are all we have. They are all we have ever had. And they are all we can offer others." 

Never-ever ever ever-challenge this man to a game of scrabble. 

Sam is a neuroscientist, philosopher and author with a vocabulary that would make a native English speaker feel in need of a translator, paired with a level of articulation to match. While he is famous for his criticism of religion, (especially Islam), he has described that portion of his career as essentially an opportunity cost from working on his true passion, which is the neuroscience behind mindfulness and meditation, as well as the philosophical and ethical implications of the impacts of those experiences. 

His book Waking Up, as well as his podcast and now app of the same name, are indispensable sources of insight, wisdom and articulation regarding the experience and current scientific understanding of consciousness and the practice of meditation.


Ray Dalio

"A profound sense of equanimity that enables one to deal with problems more effectively."

Ray Dalio is the most successful hedge fund manager of all time. He explained the entire economy in a 20 minute cartoon. Fifty years from now (or less if we have anything to do with it), Ray's book Principles will be viewed as one of the most insightful, intelligent and USEFUL books ever written.  Ray outlines the neuroscience of how our brains work, and then turns that into scripts, or programs that outline how WE can work together. Ray is turning people into robots that can rewrite their own code in a positive way. We hope his "wetware" updates spread virally. John Lilly would be proud. 



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"Whenever we feel stressed out, that's a signal that our brain is pumping out stress hormones. If sustained over months and years, those hormones can ruin our health and make us a nervous wreck."

Someone has to be the hardcore scientist to make sure this isn't all crazy talk. 

Daniel Goleman has been at the cutting edge of applied neurology/psychology for decades. He came to prominence with his work on Emotional Intelligence, which he continues to this today. His latest book, Altered Traits is about how meditation reshapes our mind and behaviors.  

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Captain Jack Sparrow

"Everybody stay calm...we're taking over the ship!"


Will Turner:  "This is either madness... or brilliance."

Captain Jack:  "It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide."